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An Exchange Means More to Reinvest

Section 1031 exchange for rental and investment real estate is a tool that allows investors to move the gain from one property to another without immediate income tax consequences. An instant benefit is to postpone the tax due which gives the investor a larger amount of proceeds to invest. In the example shown, the investor has 21% more proceeds to invest and grow over time than if he had paid the... [Read more]

Is the Window Closing?

With interest rates lower than they’ve been in over 40 years, it may be difficult to think of a “window of opportunity” closing. However, it isn’t difficult to understand that it may very probably cost more to live in a home in the near future due to rising interest rates and prices. Zillow recently reported results from a nationwide study that home values are expected to appreciate by 4.5%... [Read more]

Looking for the Largest Deduction

IRS allows taxpayers the option to take the standard deduction or the itemized deduction. The astute taxpayer will compare to see which one will result in the greatest deduction and the election can be made each year. The 2013 standard deduction for a married couple filing jointly is $12,200 and $6,100 for a single taxpayer. It doesn’t require any proof of actual expense and has no requirement... [Read more]

What’s the Point?

Prepaid interest, sometimes called “points”, is generally tax deductible when a person pays them in connection with buying, building or improving their principal residence. When points are paid on a refinance, they are not a current deduction but have to be taken prorata over the life of the mortgage. For instance, if $3,000 in points were paid on refinancing a 30 year mortgage, a deduction of... [Read more]

Edina Minnesota Real Estate

Here is a fun video about real estate. I hope you enjoy it. Contact me if I can help you. Powered By WP Footer Read More →

How’s Your IQ on the QM?

The Qualified Mortgage Rule came into effect on January 14, 2014 as one of the results to the Dodd Frank Reform Act to protect consumers from predatory lending practices. This will affect the underwriting standards that the majority of lenders will use to qualify borrowers. The ability to repay rule states that financial information must be supplied by the borrower and verified by the lender. The... [Read more]

Twin Cities Real Estate and Minnesota Related Presentations

These are some presentations I have put together. Hope you enjoy them. Please call me with any questions or if I can be of assistance. Powered By WP Footer Read More →

Every Homeowner Needs One

A water meter key is like insurance; buy it before you need it. Imagine a pipe has burst and there is water flowing like a river through your home. There may a cut-off valve to each sink if it works and if that’s where the leak is coming from. Your home may have a master cut-off valve but if you haven’t used it before, you might not know where it is. The last resort is to cut off all the water... [Read more]

Twin Cities Luxury Home Marketing

Do you have a luxury home and are looking for some enhance marketing to get your home sold? Let’s meet and discuss how I can be of service. Powered By WP Footer Read More →

Edina Minnesota Real Estate

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Reasonable Expectations

Coffee should be hot. Beer should be cold. Mexican food should be spicy. However, if these things are less than the standard that you expect, there are not any lasting consequences. As the value of the object in question rises, either in price or gravity, the expectations usually increase and decisions become progressively more important. Marriage, children, health and careers are certainly a few... [Read more]

Making Room in Your Rooms

The more things you have, the more you have to take care of. And in this case, the more that you have to store that gets in the way of finding the things that you actually use. Periodically, you need to go through every closet, drawer, cabinet and storage area to get rid of the things that are just taking up space in your home and your life. Every item requires the decision to retain or remove. ... [Read more]

Rate/Payment Relationship

A ½% increase in interest rate may not sound like much but it is roughly equivalent to a 5% increase in price. It becomes obvious when you compare the payments. If you financed 100% of the cost of a $250,000 home at 4.5% interest for 30 years, the payment would be $1,266.71 per month. If the mortgage rate went up to 5%, the payment would be $1,342.05. If the home increased 5% in value, the $262,250... [Read more]

Rent or Buy – the cost is going up-Don’t Wait!

Whether you continue to rent or decide to buy a home, according to recent Zillow 2014 housing projections, the cost is going up. Zillow projects home prices to increase nationally by 3%, mortgages to rise to %5 interest rate by the end of the year and rents to go up by 2.5% on average. If it will cost a person more whether they rent or buy, the conclusion can be made that one way or the other, they... [Read more]

Find a Better Return-Look to rental property-call me for a PDF copy of my book

A certificate of deposit will generate a cash flow based on the interest rate that it pays which is the only way it generates a return for the investor. An investment in a stock that doesn’t pay dividends, would need to be worth more than you paid for it to earn a profit. On the other hand, a stock that paid dividends could make the investor a profit even if it sold for the same price that he... [Read more]

Home Warranty-learn more about it!

I recently sat down with a home warranty vendor. Take a look at this video and think about if it might be of benefit to you-either a buyer or seller. Powered By WP Footer Read More →

Where are you spending your money? Saving Tips

You’ll need to earn $2.00 for every $1.00 you want to spend assuming you pay 50% of your earnings on income tax, social security and Medicare. On the other hand, you get to keep 100% of every dollar you save on your personal expenses because the taxes have already been paid. Periodically, review your expenditures with the diligence of an exuberant IRS agent on commission. It’s an exercise that... [Read more]

NEW expanded program guidelines for Woodbury Down Payment Assistance programs

Dear Lending and Real Estate Partner: The City of Woodbury’s DPA programs have been amended both to increase the income limits and increase the maximum purchase price. These changes will make more homebuyers and more properties eligible for our programs. As a reminder, with the recent changes to FHA financing and increasing mortgage interest rates, Woodbury’s funds can help your clients reduce... [Read more]

Interviewing a Mover

“I’d wish I’d know that before I made a decision.” If you’ve ever regrettably said this to yourself, having a checklist might have prevented the issue in the first place. This list of questions can provide you with things to discuss when interviewing a moving company. Fees • What is the charge for packing? • Does it include boxes? If not, what do they cost and will you deliver them? •... [Read more]

What Can You Expect?

The two most frequently quoted constants in life are death and taxes. Two more things would-be homeowners can expect in the near future are increases in mortgage rates and housing prices. Interest rates have been kept artificially low for several years by the Federal Reserve in an effort to strengthen the economy. Policy is shifting to allow them to seek their own natural level and that will surely... [Read more]

What Kind of Showing Was It?

One of the most frequent calls from homeowners to their agents is about the listing’s inactivity due to the lack of showings. The homeowner commonly believes that the home is shown only when a buyer walks through the house with an agent. Today’s buyers are more sophisticated than in the past due to the abundance of information available to the public on the Internet. There are seemingly inexhaustible... [Read more]

Can You See the Savings?

If you’ve considered changing your light bulbs to energy-saving LED bulbs but decided not to make the investment because the prices were too high, you might want to investigate again. The prices have come down considerably. An initial investment now will generate immediate returns through energy costs and because they last longer, you won’t need to replace them for years. The life of LED bulbs... [Read more]

Up to $500 for Doing Home “Work”

The energy-efficient home upgrades tax credit is scheduled to expire on December 31st this year. If you need to make improvements to your home, this could be an incentive to do it before the end of the year. If you have already made qualifying improvements without realizing the tax credit is available, it may seem like a holiday gift you weren’t expecting. The equipment must be installed to... [Read more]

Winter Maintenance

With a 2,000+ mile long winter storm affecting much of the country, there are plenty of home owners who wish they were better prepared. Even when you live in warm climates, some of these things are important to check periodically. Preparing for the change of seasons can make your home more comfortable and protect your investment. Regular maintenance extends the various components of a home and can... [Read more]

Motivated Sellers, Better Prices and Less Competition

The Winter Home Buyer Report conducted in the second week of November by® revealed the sentiments of current home buyers expecting to buy a house during the winter months. It appears that there is pent-up demand with buyers who were unable to purchase a home recently. Most cited as an impediment to purchase was the challenge of low inventory. Strong demand coupled with short supply explains... [Read more]

Thanksgiving is Always in Season

Most school children would probably say that Thanksgiving dates back to the Pilgrims at Plymouth as early as 1621. By the late 1660’s, it had become traditional to hold a harvest festival in New England. President George Washington declared the first nation-wide thanksgiving in 1789 “as a day of public thanksgiving and prayer to be observed by acknowledging with grateful hearts the many and signal... [Read more]

Using my new green CFL light bulbs

Tonight I replaced old light bulbs with new CFL bulbs. Was I surprised at the better white light the bulb generated. In fact, the fixture requires 4 bulbs. Two were new and two were old. Boy what a difference. I also had my home energy tested this past year and I’ve started making the recommended changes as well. Are you a “green” buyer or seller? Consider some of the points mentioned in the... [Read more]

Refinance to Remove a Person

Most people are familiar with the various reasons a homeowner refinances their home which generally result in two major benefits: saving interest and building equity. There is however another reason to refinance which may not be as common which is to remove a person from the loan. In the case of a divorce, when one party wants to keep the home and the other party wants their equity out of the home,... [Read more]

Who’s Paying Your Mortgage?

As a homeowner, you obviously pay for your mortgage but as an investor, your tenant does. Equity build-up is a significant benefit of mortgaged rental property. As the investor, collects rent and pays expenses, the principal amount of the loan is reduced which increases the equity in the property. Over time, the tenant pays for the property to the benefit of the investor. Equity build-up occurs... [Read more]

All Dollars Not Equal

The division of assets between the spouses is an important decision to finalize a divorce. The exercise looks relatively simple: assign a value for each of the assets and divide them based on a mutual agreement between the parties. The challenge is to make a fair division which requires an analysis to determine their value after they’re converted to cash. Assume the two major assets in the example,... [Read more]

Twin Cities Real Estate Foreclosure Trends

Would you like to know more about the trends and what is happening in our local market? Check out my newsletter on this topic Powered By WP Footer Read More →

Real Estate 411

When you’re buying or selling, the obvious source to get your real estate question answered is your agent but where do you go the rest of the time? As a homeowner for many years to come, you’ll need reliable help and solid suggestions. Our business goal is to have a select group of our friends and past customers who consider us their lifelong real estate professional. We want to earn that trusted... [Read more]

Lower Anxieties/Improve Marketability

One of the anxiety highpoints during the sale of a home is waiting for the buyer’s home inspection report. Most sellers willingly disclose what they know about their home to any potential buyers. The concern stems from the inspector finding something that they’re totally unaware of and that it will either cost them a lot of money to correct or the buyer will simply use it to void the contract.... [Read more]

Rating Your Best Friend-It can be issue with your insurance company

Man’s best friend enjoys many of the benefits of his master’s home besides food and shelter and a comfortable place to live and play. In return, dog owners expect companionship and possibly, protection; after all, even a small dog can bark to signal intruders. Few people doubt that most dog owners love their pets and treat them well. The costs associated with having a dog can include medical... [Read more]

Why Borrowers Pay Different Rates

Lenders, like any business, have to make a profit. The cost of acquiring the funds, the operating costs to service and the expected profit margin are easily identified. The variable in pricing is the type of mortgage and the credit worthiness of the borrower. A loan with a 3.5% down payment is riskier than a loan with 20% down payment. If the lender has to take the property back to recover their... [Read more]

Don’t Do It! Make sure you are aware of the loan process and procedures!

You’ve seen lists telling buyers what to do to find the right home but knowing what not to do can be just as important. After finding the right home, negotiating a contract, making a loan application and inspections, buyers, understandably, start making plans to move and put their personal touches on the home. In today’s tenuous lending environment, little things can derail the process which... [Read more]

Rates Are Down But It Costs More?

The latest Housing Affordability Index from the National Association of REALTORS® shows an interesting trend taking place this year that needs buyers’ attention. Most people know that the mortgage rates are still at incredibly low rates but don’t feel there is much sense of urgency. This report shows that mortgage rates have fallen from 4.37% in January to 3.81% for June. However, the... [Read more]

How to Determine if you should Refinance – Some Things to Think About

Some people believe they shouldn’t refinance more often than once every two years. The determining factors are if you’ll lower your payments and plan to stay in the home long enough to recapture the cost of refinancing. If so, you should consider refinancing. Interest rates have actually come down significantly in the past 12 months and even more in the past 24 months. According to the... [Read more]

Who do you Call??

While the Internet is a great resource to locate information about food, travel and a number of other things, it isn’t necessarily the best place to find a local service provider. Sure, you can run the search, get quick results and may even see some fairly impressive websites. The problem is that sometimes, those sites are run by companies that sell the leads to providers who may not be as experienced... [Read more]

Home Safety & Security Tips

A quick once-over of the items on this list may improve the safety and security of your home and could protect your family and friends. It is important to periodically pay attention to these things because things change over time. Security ■ Does each exterior door have a deadbolt? ■ Does the lock on each window work? ■ Have you added pins or clips to your windows for additional security? ■... [Read more]

Handling the Eyesore

It can be unsightly and upsetting when a home in a neighborhood isn’t being maintained like the others. It might be an overgrown yard, a fence in need of repair, paint peeling on the home or even a car parked in front of the home that hasn’t moved in weeks. I believe most people want to be good neighbors and may be willing to correct the issue once it is brought to their attention. In some... [Read more]

Determining Your Home’s Value

Knowing the current value of your home is important when you’re considering a move, refinancing or getting a home equity loan. Prices are determined by recent sales and the supply and demand of current inventory. The process of selecting comparable properties involves matching similar features like bedrooms, baths, square footage and updates. In addition to price, there are other factors that... [Read more]

Why Hire A Veteran-PSA This is pretty Cool!

I just watched this and wanted to share. Nothing housing or mortgage related, but excellent reasons to help promote those who help make our existence what it is today. Powered By WP Footer Read More →

Calculate your cost of Renting vs. Owning

Sincerely, RE/MAX Results John Mazzara 7300 France Ave S #410 Edina, MN 55435 Off-952-929-2577 Cell-612-386-7027 Fax-952-928-3799 Google Voice- 952-491-0884 Watch my Youtube video on how I sell a home: RE/MAX real estate intro video at NMLS # 332556 Pin It Powered By WP... [Read more]

American Dream-Consider the possibilities!

The American Dream of owning a home is still alive. People still want a place of their own; where they can raise their family; share with their friends; feel safe and secure. Homeownership creates emotional and financial benefits. The government supports that dream by allowing deductions for mortgage and home equity interest as well as property taxes. The capital gains exclusion on profits from a home... [Read more]

How Long Do I Have to Wait “After A Bump In The Road”?

The question concerning people who’ve had a foreclosure, short sale or bankruptcy is when they will be able to qualify for a mortgage loan. It takes different amounts of time to heal credit scores based on the event. The following chart is meant to be a general guide for how long a person might have to wait. During this waiting period, it’s important that the person be current on all payments and... [Read more]

Homeownership Rules

Most people agree that homeownership rules! When asked, people say they want a home they can call their own, to raise their family, share with their friends and to feel safe and secure. It also accounts for the majority of most people’s net worth. These rules can help protect your investment and make homeownership more enjoyable. Don’t overpay for your home Maintain your home’s condition Minimize... [Read more]

Which Value Do You Use?

What your home is worth depends on why you ask the question. It could be one value based on a purchase or sale and an entirely different value for insurance purposes. Fair market value is the price a buyer and seller can agree upon assuming both are knowledgeable, willing and unpressured by extraordinary events. This value is generally indicated by the comparable market analysis done by real estate... [Read more]

Deductible Is the Point

Points refer to prepaid interest on a home mortgage and can be fully deductible by the buyer in the year paid if the right conditions exist. The points must be used to buy, build or improve a taxpayer’s principal residence but not all fees charged by the lender are necessarily deductible. According to IRS Publication 936, “The term ‘points’ is used to describe certain charges... [Read more]

Second Homes Treated Differently

While a principal residence and a second home have some similar benefits, they have some major differences. A principal residence is the primary home where you live and a second home is used for personal enjoyment while limiting possible rental activity to a maximum of 14 days per year. The Mortgage Interest Deduction allows a taxpayer to deduct the qualified interest and property taxes on a principal... [Read more]

In Search of an Honest Man

Similar to Diogenes’ search for an honest man, homeowners want someone to do quality repairs at a fair price. The task appears reasonably easy but if you’ve ever tried to locate someone to fix something, you know just how difficult it is. Finding a list of companies from a phone book doesn’t mean they’ll be reasonable and reliable, it just means they have a phone and are willing to pay for... [Read more]

This Song is Powerful – Listen and Share

I was driving in my car today and heard this song. I thought of all of my friends who are veterans and have sacrificed so much for each of us. Listen to the song and see if it impacts you as much as it did me. Sincerely, Isn’t it nice to know that you have a friend in the business that you feel comfortable introducing to your friends, family members, and neighbors who could use my help. RE/MAX... [Read more]

Retirement Home Now?

Maybe you’re not ready to move into it but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take advantage of the present opportunities to acquire the home you want to live in during retirement. The combination of the low interest rates, reduced prices and lower competition may never be this good again in our lifetimes. The rental market is strong and a tenant could pay for your retirement home.... [Read more]

Managing Deductibles On Insurance

The purpose of insurance is to shift the risk of loss to a company in exchange for a premium. Most policies have a deductible which is an amount the insured pays out of pocket before the insurance starts covering the cost of the loss. In the process of managing insurance premiums, policy holders often consider adjusting their deductibles. Lower deductibles mean less money out of pocket if a loss occurs... [Read more]

Single-Family Homes for Rentals

Single-family homes used for rental property have distinct advantages over other types of investments. An investor can borrow 75-80% at fixed interest rates on appreciating assets with definite tax advantages and reasonable control. The financing alone is attractive compared to some investments that require 50% cash and have floating rates at prime plus for one or two years. Home prices have adjusted... [Read more]

Star Spangled Banner-Happy 4th of July

Our American flag is obviously the symbol of our country but it has come to remind us of every man and woman who has fought for the freedom that we enjoy. The emotions that are stirred by images of our flag can run from happiness to sadness to even anger and everything in between. Most of us learned basic flag etiquette when we were young but occasionally, it is a good idea to review the procedures... [Read more]

If I’d Only Bought-Will you have a Coulda-Woulda-Shoulda moment?

We’ve probably all said or at least thought “if I knew then, what I know now, I would have done things differently.” We should have stayed in school longer. We should have listened to our parents. We should have bought Apple stock in 2002 for $8.50 or gold in 2000 for $300. Years from now, if we look back at 2012, it may be clear that this was the best buyer’s market ever. The... [Read more]

Rent Vs Own? Consider doing an Analysis

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Gift or Inherit

Transferring the title of a home from one person to another may seem simple but it could have a significant tax implication. When a person inherits property, the basis is “stepped-up” to fair market value at the time of the decedent’s death. On the other hand, a gift has a carry-over basis which means that the recipient receives the unrealized gain also. As an example, let’s... [Read more]

Assumption Opportunity

The low interest rates secured by borrowers recently on FHA mortgages may become valuable in a different way in the future. FHA and VA mortgage are assumable at the existing interest rates subject to buyer qualification. Buyers wanting to assume an existing FHA mortgage must be owner-occupants and meet the current FHA guidelines. Applicants should have a minimum 600 credit score, total debt with house... [Read more]

Woodbury First Time Buyer Programs, Foreclosure Purchase Programs, Home Improvement and Green Opportunities

I recently received the attached flyer that gives an overview to some of Woodbury’s home buying and home improvement programs. Many cities have similar programs. If you are a buyer who would like to utilize these programs or explore them, please give me a call and I will help you find the resources and options that might help us complete a real estate or mortgage transaction. Pin It Powered... [Read more]

Independent Foreclosure Review-PSA

This is important! If you had a loan in the foreclosure process in the past years-From 1/01/2009-12/31/2010, you MIGHT be eligible for a review and possible relief. Watch and share this video and link with Powered By WP Footer Read More →

Protect Yourself-Ideas for your home

Home is a place you should feel safe and secure. Sometimes, we take it for granted and unfortunately, we do need to remain vigilant about things we do that could compromise our well-being. Here are a few tips you might want to consider. 1. Everyone loves an inviting home including burglars. Make sure it looks occupied and is difficult to break in. Always lock outside doors and windows even if you’re... [Read more]

Pre-approval Gives Everyone Confidence

The benefits of buyer’s pre-approval are without question; it is good for the buyers, the sellers and the agents. It saves time, money and removes the uncertainty of knowing whether the buyer is qualified. The direct benefits include: Amount the buyer can borrow decreases as interest rates rise Looking at “Right” homes – price, size, amenities, location Find the best loan... [Read more]

Paul Harvey said this in 1965!!!!!!

Be prepared to be blown away. Fast forward to today. Powered By WP Footer Read More →

Twin Cities Real Estate Market

Ever wonder what’s happening? Here are the statistics for our metro area. Homes are selling, prices are moving up, and there is a lack of inventory. If you are considering selling, now is the time to do it. If you looking to purchase, rates are again at a 50 yr low. Don’t wait-Look at doing something now. Pin It Powered By WP Footer Read More →

Just a thought-What loan term is right for YOU?

Whether you’re refinancing your current home or buying a new one, something worth considering is a 15 year loan rather than a 30 year term. The payments will be a little higher but you’ll get a lower interest rate and you’ll build equity much faster. Let’s look at an example of a $200,000 mortgage with the choice of a 30 year term with a 3.75% rate compared to a 15 year term... [Read more]

It’s Worth Checking Out-Your Tax Assessed Valuation-Is It Accurate?

“Anyone may arrange his affairs so that his taxes shall be as low as possible…for nobody owes any public duty to pay more than the law demands.” Judge Learned Hand This opinion refers to federal income tax but the logic and spirit can easily be applied to any tax including property tax. Most property tax is based on a valuation called an assessment placed on the property by a government... [Read more]

Tax-Free Income-An Idea That Might Work For You

Some residents of Augusta, Georgia have purchased tickets to the Master’s for years but have never attended the famous golf tournament. It’s because they include the tickets as a bonus to the people who rent their home during the event. Each year, owners rent their home for a big premium during the Masters and make tax-free income. Homeowners benefit from a little known provision in the... [Read more]

Save Money…Be Comfortable

Automatic thermostats can lower your monthly utility costs while conveniently regulating your comfort by adjusting temperatures on your heating and cooling systems. These can be particularly effective in homes with zoned systems where you live in one area during the day but sleep in a different zone. There are programmable thermostats available at home improvement stores that can make the adjustments... [Read more]

How does RE/MAX compare against it’s peers?

It is no surprise to me-RE/MAX is the leader. See for yourself why RE/MAX is the company of professionals. If you want to see how we can help YOU-give me a call at 952-929-2577 Pin It Powered By WP Footer Read More →

Have You Backed Up Your Home?

Personal computers have been around long enough that everyone has experienced or knows someone who has lost their data due to a hard drive crash, accident or burglary. If they had a backup, the loss was inconvenient but not critical. Do you have a backup for your personal belongings? Not that you need duplicates of all the items but do you have a journal listing of all the items with a description... [Read more]

MID Limited per Residence

A recent U.S. Tax Court ruling clarified the IRS position that the $1.1 million limit for mortgage interest deduction applies per residence and not per taxpayer as some high-priced homeowners were hoping. A married homeowner filing jointly can have fullly deductible interest on a mortgage of up to $1,000,000 of acquisition debt and up to an additional $100,000 of home equity debt. If the married couple... [Read more]

Before You Call the Repairman-Things you can try

Have you ever had a service company to your home to repair something and find out that it really wasn’t “broken”? It probably conjured up ambivalent feelings of joy that it wasn’t something serious and frustration that you had to pay a service call for something so simple. Before you call the repairman next time, keep these things in mind to see if it is something simple: Disposer... [Read more]

Foreclosed Home Fix Up Loan

Did you know that many of the cities in the Twin Cities metro area are offering rehab loans and/or grants if you buy a foreclosed home and fix it up? Bloomington just released their program details in the attached brochure. I have a client that is going to use some neighborhood money in Minneapolis for rehab as well. I can generate a coupon from Lowes for up to 1K (10% off of purchase of up to 10K)... [Read more]

Choose Your Deduction – Just In Time For TAX TIME!

One third of all U.S. households, 75% of households with more than $75,000 income and most homeowners itemize their deduction on their federal income tax returns. It makes sense because the interest paid on their mortgage and their property taxes probably exceeds the allowable standard deduction. However, with interest rates as low as they have been in the last two years and the price of homes having... [Read more]

Don’t Miss the Recall-you might want to bookmark this site

Occasionally, you hear about an important recall on a product you have and you take care of it immediately. However, if you were to miss such a notice, it could put you or your family in jeopardy. You can subscribe to the U.S. government’s service to notify the public when recalls are made on vehicles, tires and child restraints through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration on their... [Read more]

Embrace Your Day

Watch this little dude do his thing. If we all approach our day with as much confidence and excitement, we can’t help but have a better day. Pin It Powered By WP Footer Read More →

Foreclosure trends in the Twin Cities

Check out my newsletter with foreclosure information about Minneapolis/St Paul and surrounding areas. Pin It Powered By WP Footer Read More →

Positive Signs In The Real Estate Market

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